Thursday, June 24, 2010

More River Trip Pics

River Trip!

I finished school on Thursday, June 10th. The kids were out Friday, June 11th. Time to relax, sleep in, do whatever we want, right? WRONG! On Friday, we picked the kids up at noon and drove 8 hours to Arizona. WHAT!?! That's a long drive. It's okay. We went to meet up with Eric's family for a weekend of jet skiing on the Colorado River. At first I was quite skeptical about such a long trip right after becoming free for the summer. Once we got there, we had tons of fun. It was wonderful seeing his family and hanging out on the river. It was much different than being on a lake. You can see the bottom the entire time and it's not very wide at all. We'd ride up the river then stop and turn off the engine. The river would just calmly pull us downstream. Very relaxing and quite cool. We found some houses that sit on the river that we want to rent out next year for a week with his bro and his family. We were able to relax on a man-made beach, swim in the hotel's pool and hot tub, and just have a great time. I admit...I didn't think it'd be much fun, especially for my first weekend of summer. The drive wasn't tons of fun, but luckily Eric does all the driving so we slept, watched movies, slept some more, listened to tons of music, and slept again. We were only there for 2 nights, but I'm glad we went.

Congrats Sarah-Class of 2010

My niece, Sarah, graduated from high school last month and we went to her grad party last weekend. We had tons of fun. Kala & I went up early to help out and attend some of Emily's dance shows. We helped make posters of ASU (which is where Sarah is going to college), watched a lot of Friends episodes (MY FAV!), and ate so much good food at the party. It makes me sad because Sarah is the first grandkid and she goes through everything first: Kindergarden, jr. high, braces, boyfriends, driving, and now graduation. The sad part is once she gets to those milestones, then everyone else isn't too far behind! I know Kala is only 12 1/2 but it goes by soooooooo fast :( Emily is next. She just received her driver's license and will graduate in 2 years. I really need them to stop growing up. I look forward to hearing about Sarah's classes and visiting her at college. She was registered for 16 units (that's a lot) but I think she's going to start with around 13 or 14. I remember visiting her mom, my sister Sally, at UC Davis when I was like 6 years old and thinking their dorms were so cool. I think she is going to have a wonderful time. Congrats Sarah! We are proud of you. *By the way-Being the only Auntie who showed up, I am officially her favorite for life!!!****

Friday, June 11, 2010


It is the last day of school!! Mine was yesterday, so I am H-A-P-P-Y! I stole this pic idea from my friend, Krysta, off her blog. Thanks Krysta! Since we are heading to the Colorado River today after school, we allowed the girls to have some friends over after school yesterday for a pre-last day celebration. They saw, walked around the neighborhood, ate ice cream, watched "Glee", and ate pizza. Mahkala had one of her good friends, Sara, stay the night. They had tons of fun and are ready for summer. Mahkala is thrilled to move on to 8th grade and Taylor said, "I will miss band, but I'm nervous for band camp. Too much running." Taylor is now a high school student. I'm excited for sleeping in, BBQ's, jetskiing, family trips, going to the beach, staying up late, and doing whatever we want! WOO-HOO FOR SUMMER.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Overdue Update

I've become one of of those people who doesn't keep their blog updated. Well guess what? As of 12:00 pm on Thursday, I AM A FREE WOMAN. My goal is to update my blog many times during each month, if not every week, during the summer. Life gets very busy when I am teaching, but here's to hoping. Summer is upon us in a few days. We hit the lake for the first time last weekend. We are heading to the Colorado River this weekend to jet-ski with Eric's family. The next weekend (Father's Day) we will be at my sister's, Sally, house for my niece's graduation party. I still remember when she was born and I was in 8th grade. Most recently we all went to Santa Barbara for my dad's wedding. So here are a bunch of pics from that. It was beautiful weather, wonderful times with the family (everyone was there for once!), a gorgeous wedding, and much happiness from my dad and his new wife, Kathi. They are currently in Italy on their honeymoon-LUCKY! We are very happy to have her in our family.