Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer (In a Nutshell) far

I LOVE summer. I do NOT enjoy the idea that it's halfway over :( We are having a lot of fun and I don't want it to be over anytime soon. Get ready for pic overload. This summer has been filled with: many lake trips, a day at the beach, trip to the Sequoias, tons of fireworks on the 4th (Eric's favorite behind Christmas lights), Kala went to DC/NY for a week, Taylor went to band camp @ U. of Oregon, an impromptu trip to NM to visit my sister and family, and a lot of swimming and relaxing! SUMMER IS OUR FAVORITE :)

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  1. I'm bummed it's halfway over too! I can't believe it really. I'm so glad you got to see Sara when you visited Susan! So...when ARE you coming??? :)