Friday, June 10, 2011


Thus ends another school year and the journey begins for high school :( Kala had 5 friends stay the night before the last day of school. We BBQ'd and make crepes in the am. They did what teens do best: goofed around, ate junk food, walked around the neighborhood, read magazines, and watched a movie. They stayed up until 1 am then woke up laughing at 6 to get ready for school. Taylor's party is tonight because she had to play at last night's graduation. It's my first day of vacation and I'm ready for a nap!! Mahkala leaves Sunday am at 2 am for a week in DC/NY with a bunch of friends from school (it's not a school field's through a group called Worldstrides). She is very excited. I'm going to force her to take tons of pics since I won't be with her. I'm sad thinking about it! Here's to a great summer!!!!

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