Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cheer Awards

Tonight was awards for Kala's school cheer. We teased her over and over that she wasn't going to get one because she missed half the season for gymnastics (which she did get an award!). She laughed about it too. It was fun to go and see them all dressed up and beautiful. Next year is high school cheer :( I wish she'd stop getting older. It makes me so sad. I also told her to quit being so beautiful. I don't want those boys around her! Good thing is she's strong, so she can beat them up if need be.


  1. Is Kala wearing heels??? Way to go!

  2. Oh my word, Kala is looking so grown up! She really needs to stop it! She is so beautiful and so cute. I wish we lived closer so we could enjoy all these special moments together.

  3. High School cheer??? When did that happen? Time goes by much too fast. She is beautiful and totally grown up! I really can't believe she is going to be in high school next year.