Monday, November 15, 2010

Why I'm Thankful for the next few weeks!!

I have 4 more days until Thanksgiving Break. I LOVE Thanksgiving Break for the following reasons:

1. VACATION....7 days of sleeping in (and I'm a grouchy mama if I don't get to)
2. FAMILY...all my family is coming to town to celebrate at my dad's...Susan's family will be here a week (yay) and Sally's family can only come for one night but they are staying with us (double yay)
3. FOOD, FOOD, & FOOD...I love Thanksgiving food: rolls, turkey, corn, STUFFING, pies, mashed potatoes, etc. Keep it comin' I have stretchy pants.

4. Watching TV/Games/Movies...sitting on the couch with family after stuffing myself, playing NERTZ (and winning) against my sisters, and watching silly movies at night
5. The day after Thanksgiving=DECORATING FOR CHRISTMAS. My favorite time of the year!!!!!! Eric spends all day outside on a ladder putting up lights...I spend all day (WARM & COZY) inside decorating the house. Then we get the tree later that weekend.

I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! Oh yah, plus this time of year=me shopping for a lot of people which I LOVE!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

SLO Trip & Meet

Last weekend we went to San Luis Obispo for Mahkala's Zone Championships. We drove up Saturday afternoon and hung out at the hotel. Since it's pomegranate (spelling?) season, poor Eric drove home that night. We had dinner with my brother, James, who lives 10 minutes away from where we stayed. Sunday we were carless (is that a word) since Eric was home working. Kala's friend, Madison, and her mom and grandma offered to let us hang with them all day. We went to Avila Farms, the beach, lunch, and shopping. We had a lot of fun. Last time they had a meet in SLO, I was in Texas and Kala stayed with Madi and her family. They are great to hang out with and Kala enjoys spending time with her 9 year old buddy! Madi and Kala buddied up from the get-go. She lives 1 minute away and goes to Copper Hills Elementary. I believe they are good luck to Mahkala. Last time she was in SLO, she won the meet! This meet started at 5 pm on a Sunday (seriously!). There were ages from 6-13. Poor kids were exhausted even before it started, plus it was the day of the time change so their bodies thought it was an hour later. The meet ended at 10 pm! Eric drove back to SLO for the meet (he was exhausted) and James met us there. He's good luck too since he went to her last meet. Kala was awesome!!! As was Madi. She had set goals a few weeks ago for Zone and she met every one. She had the best meet so far. She got 1st on floor, 6th on beam (but she still scored a 9.025), 1st on bars, and 2nd on vault=37.075 1st PLACE BABY!! Madi won 1st in her age category too, so it was fun to watch that. The team got 2nd (boo), but still not bad. State Championships are the weekend of Dec 4th up in Sacramento. It's supposed to be extremely competitive there, but we'll be excited whatever happens. Not bad for her first year competing.