Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Busy busy month...Christmas was wonderful. Lots of time with family and gifts! Kala's favorite gift was her new purple laptop. Taylor's was her cell phone and music stuff. I love my new camera (nice and tiny so it can fit in my purse!). Eric loved all his 80's rock cds and his Steelers hats.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Beginning of Christmas!

The Christmas celebrations have started. It's almost 11 pm and I'm just finishing up a few things that I needed to get done. It's been non-stop around here. Eric and I went shopping tonight while Kala was at comp. cheer prac. I bought gifts for my secret santa at work and some baby toys for a 2 yr old boy I adopted at my school (metaphorically of course). There are a lot of students at my school with babies, and at Christmastime we can "adopt" one and buy him/her gifts. I got a little boy and it was interesting shopping for him tonight at Target. Eric and I were like, "Um what do boys play with? Well, he is 18 months...what in the world do they play with?" We were clueless. It was actually very funny. I saw a mom with a little boy and I even asked her if what would he like. I'm only 31! I'm not supposed to be this clueless about babies, but Kala is 12 and way past all that stuff! We ended up getting him a remote control car (for ages 1+), a cute pair of PJ's, an Elmo, and a cool squishy tractor/truck thing. I know how to buy cute girl clothes, IPODS, cell phones, laptops, posters of the cutest guys, etc. Baby boys=I don't know! I hope the little boy enjoys his gifts, plus it made me feel good to be able to provide for someone who definitely doesn't have as much. On a second note-We just got back from Huntington Lake. We always celebrate Christmas with Eric's family 2 weeks before. We put up a tree, exchange gifts, cook dinner, and all spend time together. Last year, we went to Huntington as well. The heat was broken and it was so cold. We were so happy to have heat when we got there! IT was going to be perfect. Well as you can see from the pics it snowed NONSTOP! I am not exaggerating. It snowed from the time we got there until after we left. Friday evening we ate dinner, relaxed by the fire, put up the tree, and watched movies. Saturday, we went snowmobiling, played in the snow, sat by the fire some more, played the Wii, exchanged gifts, then cooked dinner. The best part was that around 6 pm (right after I finished cooking) the electricity went out! Are you freakin' kidding me!?! SO no electricity and no heat. COME ON! Well long story short..the storm was so bad it knocked out all the power up there, crews couldn't get to it because of the storm, we sat by the fire and used lanterns and flashlights, and cuddled at night! We left much earlier SUnday than we had anticipated but the house was getting colder by the minute. We still had a good time and will always remember this trip. I believe the power didn't come on for another day. It took the guys almost 3 hours to shovel out the cars. I was happy to be a a girl at that point and stay inside. THe drive home made me very anxious because the roads were covered with snow and ice, but luckily we all made it safe and sound. Maybe the beach next year!!!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


A cold wave has hit Fresno. It is FREEZING! Now I know compared to the East Coast and other places, it's not that cold. But for Fresno and me, IT IS! I don't mind it. I just hope our heater keeps working at home and in my classroom. This morning it was 29 degrees when I woke up. Good thing my car is in the garage all night. Poor Eric-his is in the driveway :( Mean wife, I am.

Just a few Lights

No this isn't National Lampoon's Christmas. This is our house!!! Eric loves loves loves Christmas lights. Almost as much as I love shopping (and he spends that much too). It doesn't look as good as in person, but you get a brief glimpse at it. He spent around 5 days finishing it up. I'm not sure if he's done. I hope he is! He also did 2 neighbors' houses and my sister's. I don't have pics of those. He didn't like me talking to him while he was on the roof. He's so picky sometimes. I think we are officially in the Christmas mood. Hope I remember this feeling when I open our PG&E bill next month :(