Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I've come to the realization that I will not update my blog as much as I want. Currently, I have a lot of grades I need to enter but I HAVE to update a little bit. I get frustrated with myself and then think I should just delete it. I'm not going to...for all 5 of my readers out there! LOL Okay, so September is birthday month (Eric's side) around here:

Colton Sept 6 (turned 3)
Sylvia Sept 17 (turned 1)
Eric Sept 18 (turned &*) I can't share that!
Mahkala Sept 20 (turned 13)

Plus there are two August bdays on Eric's side of the family (his brother, Joe, and me!). We have had a lot of celebrations this past week! Here's a brief recap:

Last Wednesday-My family came over to celebrate Eric and Kala's bdays. We had a delicious BBQ and opened presents. We gave our gifts to Eric that night since we were going to be out of town on his bday. He very much enjoyed the new 46" TV I bought him for the bedroom. We had a 31" so it was a HUGE jump. He was due a nice gift! He bought me an iPad for my bday, after all. Kala received some great gift cards, movies, clothes, money, and some cute Paris decorations (she's obsessed with Paris and the Eiffel Tower). Eric got the TV, a Steelers hat, movies, and gift cards. Then on Friday we headed down to Eric's brother's house. I started feeling sick on Thursday, so at this point I was tired and sleepy. On Saturday, we met up with his mom, sister, and brother's family at the Pala Casino to celebrate everyone's bdays. I know that may seem silly...A CASINO!?! Other than walking through the casino to get to the car, it just felt like being at a hotel. His mom rented a cabana and we relaxed by the pool the entire day. We swam, ate, watched football, open presents, and had a great time. Poor Kala...she started to feel sick and slept on the couch for an hour. I wasn't feeling too hot either. Watching Colton and Sylvia was the highlight. Colton loved his Steelers jersey and Cars bed we bought him. Sylvia thinks her new piano is awesome (Colton isn't quite sure why he has to share it with her). Eric picked that out himself; he was so proud! Mind you, we bought Colton a drumset for his 1st bday. He's building a band, apparently. Sunday, we left early because I was very achey and tired. I slept most the ride and once we got home. Monday was Mahkala's birthday. I planned on working and then coming home to take her and 5 friends to lunch. I was too sick to make it to work, but I slept all morning so I could still take them to lunch. After my long nap, I felt better. I picked Mahkala and her 5 best friends (Sara, Sarah, Megan, Kenall, & Kassidy) and took them to lunch. They surprised her with a cute poster, cake, and fun presents. They even decorated my car for her. Note-A care wash alone does not take off car markers. I had to scrub it for about 1/2 hour, but it was my idea so I didn't mind. Plus, the girls had so much fun writing on the windows for Mahkala. I'm so grateful she has a great group of friends who treat her so great! She felt so loved yesterday. We went out to her favorite restaurant last night where she got her presents from us: San Diego Chargers sweatsuit, touchscreen camera and a few other knickknacks. Sadly, she came home from school sick today :( I went back to work but still felt tired. Hopefully, we are at the tailend of the sickness. Here are a ton of pics from the past busy, busy week! Next up-CHRISTMAS!!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Like I mentioned in my previous post, I forgot my camera at Kala's gym meet. Luckily, one of Kala's teammates parents brought his and took a few adorable pics of Kala. Such cuteness!