Friday, January 30, 2009

Speedy Update-

OK-so as mentioned in the previous post I've been very busy. I'm going to throw out a bunch of pictures from the past few months. This includes Christmas at home, Christmas at the condo w/Eric's family (WITHOUT HEAT!!), Sonora w/Kala's school (VERY COLD!!), Hawaii (aaaaaaaaaaah heaven), Thanksgiving's frozen turkey (LOL-Dennis tried to deep fry but it wasn't having it), and when Susan's family visited from NM. Hawaii was the best: whale watching, pool, beach, scubadiving (girls), ziplining (Eric & 2 older ones-Kala didn't weigh enough), luau, shopping, and more laying on the beach!

Speedy Update-Hawaii Pt II

Speedy Update

Speedy Update

more updates....yes that's my nephew, austin, pretending to be britney spears

Speedy Update

Pics of the past few months!!

too many thoughts

Well what can I say? This is my third blog in a year. Can I promise this one will stay forever-not 100% sure. Where did I go? Well, first of all I'm a perfectionist and very focused on detail. You are probably thinking, "What does that have to do with anything?" In the middle of November I began to feel "it." It being stress, feeling overwhelmed, and stretched to my limit. No one else is to blame but myself. The beauty of staying home this year is that I decide what I do when-for the most part. I was taking on too much, but the thing is I don't know how to just ignore something for a while. I had a myspace, facebook, email, blog, and I was still checking my work emails. I deleted everything-except my email. If I had a blog, I had to update it. That's just me. I love reading all my family/friends blogs and I had to update or else I wasn't happy. That's why it all went away. This isn't a pity party-just expressing what was going on. We had a ridiculously busy Nov/Dec/and some of Jan. It was a wonderful time but it was non-stop go go go. Nov....4 days in Vegas to celebrate Jessica's 21st b-day. tons of fun. Next week was Thanksgiving which is about the point I climbed into bed for a day and didn't want to do anything. Spent thanksgiving with my sister kim and her family and ended up with a frozen turkey. It was hilarious. I only like the stuffing so I didn't mind much. December was a whirlwind......took Kala to Sonora for her 6th grade field we came home Jessica flew day family after that weekend early christmas w/eric's family up at huntington week was Mahkala's school christmas party (which i'm in charge of because i'm head room mom) then the next week-Christmas! Oh boy busy busy busy. We had a wonderful Christmas. Kala said it was her best one ever. Perhaps later I'll put up some pics. I must confess I'm lying in bed right now. I woke up extremely dizzy and decided to take a lazy day (more about that later). January brought a fun-filled trip to Maui, Hawaii. I'll post something about that later. I so didn't want to come home. So the point of this blog....none really. But I'm back for now and I'm going to attempt to not be so anal about having to update all the time. I no longer check my work email-it's wonderful and I'm not going to try to do facebook and myspace. I like myspace, despite all the flaws, because i keep in contact with my nieces and friends from far away.
last thought....(ignore my grammar throughout this blog-i'm rambling) my image of staying home has been definitely altered from what i thought during the 5 years i was working. i love being home but it's sure not what i expected. there were days when i was teaching that i really wanted to stay home, watch the Today show, relax with a bowl of cereal, run errands, etc. Not so much. I run a lot of errands but it's not as much fun as it used to be. i'm barely ever home and i haven't watched morning tv for a very long time. i'm not complaining-just saying it's been great to see what the grass is like on the other side!
love to all who support my blog and showed concern when my last one disappeared.